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This access statement is available in larger print on request.

The intention and aim of this access statement is to describe accurately the facilities and services that we offer to all our visitors and guests.

Every endeavour has been made to avoid personal opinions regarding the suitability of Swinton Estate (Swinton Park Hotel, Swinton Country Club & Spa, Swinton Bivouac and One High Swinton) for those with access needs.


Swinton Estate is situated one mile from the town of Masham, in North Yorkshire, in its own 2,000 acre walled parkland within the 22,000 acre country estate. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a slower pace of life while indulging in award winning fine foods and wines.

Wherever possible, we endeavour to use locally sourced ingredients from local suppliers or vegetables, fruit and herbs from our own 4-acre walled garden. The chefs are always delighted to tailor a menu to suit any dietary requirements that may be necessary during your stay.

The hotel’s main access is through a historic (Georgian) gateway entrance which is 3 metres wide and along a single track, one-way drive on a small hill, with a steady incline to the stone canopied original carriage entrance to the house. There is a disabled entrance beyond the canopied entrance within the courtyard.

Swinton Estate offers 32 bedrooms, located on the first and second floors accessed by stairs or lift and all with en-suite bathrooms, some of which feature walk in showers and separate baths. Please state your preferences at time of booking.

We would be delighted to discuss with you any particular requirements you may have to enhance your experience and make your stay more comfortable. Please contact us either by phone on 01765 680900 or email


Please contact us to check if we have any specific equipment required to help you enjoy your stay. If not, it may be that the hotel can locate additional items that may need to be hired.

Getting to Swinton

For full details and maps of how to reach Swinton Estate, please see the directions section on our website, on the ‘contact us’ page and then ‘getting to us’.

Alternatively, you can plan your journey by car or public transport using ; simply enter your postcode and ours, which is HG4 4JH to obtain directions.

By car


From the South

Please take junction 50 from the A1 (M) and follow the signs to Masham
From the North

Please take junction 51 from the A1 (M) and follow the signs to Bedale. Masham is sign posted from B

By train

The nearest railway stations are Thirsk (14.7 miles) and Northallerton (15 miles). There are taxis available at Northallerton and arrangements can be made via the hotel for collection by taxi from Thirsk station. If you require an accessible taxi we would be delighted to arrange this, with prior warning. Please advise us a minimum of 48 hours before your arrival date.

By bus

The nearest bus stop is in Ripon at the central bus depot. We can arrange for a taxi to transfer you to Swinton Estate (10.6 miles).

Please note that there is no pavement on the country lane from Masham to Swinton.


Car Parking and Arrival

There are 48 car park spaces in the main car park 200 metres from the main entrance that is on a flat tarmac surface and lit by spotlights during the night, with CCTV. The driveway is tarmac from the main gate and is well lit once you come nearer to the main building.

The main doors are two metres wide and the other entrance doors are 94cm wide.

There are no steps to reception to check in from the main entrance, after which 7 steps lead to the main corridor of the hotel. There are two alternative entrances from the courtyard which give you access to the main corridor on a flat surface.

We provide assistance with your luggage on arrival. If you stop under the stone canopied original carriage entrance to the house, a porter will come to welcome you, provide any assistance required, bring in your luggage and park your car for you when you are ready.

Disabled parking is available with 4 car park spaces beyond the canopied entrance, within the courtyard. The allotted car parking spaces can be accessed from either direction to ensure access from either side of the vehicle. A porter will be on assistance to help throughout your check in process.

The hotel has a lift which can be accessed from each floor. The lift is large enough to ensure a wheelchair or an electric scooter can fit. Most of the doors throughout the hotel are wide allowing access for scooters and wheelchairs.

Welcome Area

Guests are welcomed into Reception, which has a level floor throughout where the guests are asked to register. The flooring is wood which is polished regularly. Seating is available in the Morning room, next door to reception.

The Morning room is evenly and well lit, with overhead lighting and natural daylight from the 7 windows.

When guests are shown to their bedrooms, the porter will explain the hotel layout and provide information on where various facilities are located.

Assistance is available for guests who may not be able to access Reception from the alternative entrances.

The doors from the Morning room are 94cm wide and lead into the lower hall. There are seven stairs up to a long, wide corridor providing access to the main public reception rooms on the ground floor. The steps between the lower hall and corridor can be avoided by using the side entrances from the courtyard.


There are 32 bedrooms within the main house which are doubles. 23 of these bedrooms can be made up with twin beds.

On the first floor there are 11 bedrooms and on the second there are 21 bedrooms. Both floors can be reached by stairs or lift.

Certain rooms are suggested as easy access rooms – with larger bedroom and bathroom doors, walk in showers and larger floor space – these are stated in the chart below.

We are happy to rearrange or remove furniture from all rooms if required.
Sofa beds are in a number of bedrooms and z-beds can also be put into bedrooms, depending on the size, for family use.

The height of all the beds from the top of the mattress to the floor is around 66 cm. All beds can be raised if required.

Rooms are bright and evenly lit both with natural and electric lights. Bedroom lights are controlled by the switches at the front door of the bedroom and also next to the bed. Bedside lamps are also in each room. Additional reading lamps can also be requested at Reception.

All of the bedrooms offer the following:

  • Lighting as per above
    • Good colour contrast between the floor, walls and doors
    • Short pile carpet
    • Bedding choice of duvets or sheets and blankets
    • hypo-allergenic pillows available
    • Television with remotes
    • CD/radio with remotes
    • Hair-dryer
    • Tea and coffee making facilities
    • Complimentary drinks tray.

For guests who may require more items in their room, all of the below are available on request at Reception:

  • Vibrating pillow pad
    • Mobile hearing loop
    • Large alarm clock
    • Shower stool
    • ‘Elephant feet’ for heightening chairs
    • Toilet seat to heighten existing toilet
    • Bath seat to sit inside the bath
    • Wash basin stool


All of the 32 bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms. The door into the bath rooms are around 1 metre wide. The hotel offers a combination of baths with showers, or separate showers and baths each of which are stated in the above chart.

The toilet height is 40 cm. Seat raisers and shower seats are available upon request as per above.

The wash basins are 86 cm high.

Grab rails, horizontal and vertical are available on request and some bathrooms have these as set items within the bathrooms or on request.

The bathrooms are well lit with overhead lighting and all mirrors have surround-lighting. Towels are located on the heated towel rail holders in the bathrooms. Non-slip mats are available next to the bath in all bathrooms.

Public Areas

All public areas within the house, halls, stairs, landings are well lit using overhead lighting and natural daylight.

All corridors and stairs are covered with a short pile carpet.
The Drawing Room lounge has a wooden floor with no steps and a large rug with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and a grand piano. The private sitting room has a short pile carpet with sofas and a coffee table. Both have high ceilings with plenty of natural daylight.

Public Toilets

There are ladies and gentlemen’s toilets located on the ground floor. There are no steps from the main corridor to either and both are located near to the lounges, bar and restaurant.

The toilet door has a clear opening of 94 cm.
The toilet height is 40 cm for all the toilets.

All the public toilets have non-slip floor tiles and all toilets are well lit with ceiling light bulbs.
There is an easy access toilet with baby changing facilities.

The toilet height in the easy access facility is 45 cm.
There is one vertical rail and an adjustable rail next to the toilet which is 74 cm high.
The hand dryer height is 89 cm from the ground.
There are lever taps on the sinks which is 86 cm from the ground.

Samuel’s Restaurant

The restaurant is situated on the ground floor, at the end of the main corridor. The door opening to the dining room is 117 cm wide.

Lighting is natural daylight and overheard lighting which is controlled by dimmer switches. The flooring is polished wood and is level throughout.

The chef is delighted to cater for varying dietary requirements throughout breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Please advise us when making a booking of any dietary requirements you may require.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant, 7.30am – 10am. A continental buffet is available for you just outside the restaurant and staff will be more than willing to assist you with this if required. Hot breakfast is ordered from a menu and served to you at your table. We also offer room service breakfast with a menu in the room to be completed and placed outside your room before 2am.

Hotel Bar

The hotel bar is located on the ground floor, just off the main corridor of the hotel with a level surface throughout. Furniture is a mixture of armchairs with dining height tables and sofas with low tables. The flooring is non-slip tiles and lighting is from a combination of overhead lighting and lamps.

We can cater for varying dietary requirements throughout the service of food in this area.


Entry into the grounds and gardens is from a flat level with a path through the grassed terrace. Tables and chairs are available on the terrace during the warmer months, which can be accessed from either outside or from inside the hotel.

The garden has a medium incline that leads to over 200 acres of grounds, a 4-acre flat ground walled-garden and an aviary with birds of prey. Benches are available and most paths in the parklands are gravel or ground suitable for scooters

Conference and meeting rooms

Conference rooms are on all floors in the main house. If stairs need to be kept to a minimum, please mention this when booking.

The Library is located on ground level through the hotel.
The Panelled Room is located on the first floor.
The Lister Room is located on the first floor.

All doors are 81 cm wide.

All rooms have natural light with overhead lighting controlled by a switch next to the meeting room door.

Upright chairs with or without arms are available and tables have a clear space around the floor of 61 cm.

A mobile hearing loop system is available on request.

We welcome dogs to the hotel and allow dogs to stay in the bedrooms, providing bowls and beds. We do not allow dogs other than guide dogs into rooms where food service takes place. We provide an outside water bowl next to the boot room entrance all year round and dog towels in the boot room. We charge £25 per dog, per night for this service.


Car Parking and Arrival

The Country Club & Spa has its own carpark that fits 40 cars around a grass island, the surface of the carpark is loose gravel. There are 5 x 16 cm steps with a handrail down to the Spa reception from the carpark, however wheelchair users can gain access by going around these and up a very slight slope on solid even sandstone flags, there are no steps if this entry method is used. There is also a wheelchair access to the side of the Spa, this is a locked and monitored door so if access is required please ask at Spa reception, if entry is gained via this door there are wheelchair friendly toilets in close proximity.

The Spa

Entrance to the Spa is through two automated sliding doors. The Spa has numerous levels which have restricted access through coded wrist bands which we issue to guests at reception, there is also a lift for access to the higher levels. The gym, indoor pool, outdoor pools, hot tub and thermal suite is all on the ground floor with no steps from reception. There is a hoist available to lift wheelchairs users in and out of the pool, please advise in advance if you require the use of the hoist.

There are also disabled changing rooms near the Spa reception with easy access for wheelchair users.

To gain access to the upper level of the Spa there is a lift for wheelchair users and a staircase which has 2 x 90 degree turns in it, there are 18 x 17 cm steps with a handrail.

All door widths are 83 cm apart from those specially designed for wheelchair access which are 94cm wide.

Beauty Cottage

Entry is gained through a large sliding door which allows plenty of room for a wheelchair, there are no steps into or in the Beauty Cottage.

The Terrace Restaurant & Bar (and outside Terrace)

Access can be gained through the Spa but there is also a standalone entrance to the side of the building on the way to the Hotel, this is clearly marked. Once you have entered through the large single door there are immediately 2 x 16 cm steps with a handrail. Entrance to the Terrace bar is then through two internal doors which need to be pushed. Seating in The Terrace Bar is a combination of bar stools, chairs and benches.

From The Terrace Bar you can go down into The Terrace Restaurant which is via 2 x 16 cm steps with a handrail, you can also go out onto the outside terrace from the bar using an external door with no steps, there are however steps between the various levels of the terrace, 2 x 16 cm steps with a stone lip to the lower level and then 6 x 16 cm steps with stone lips into the middle level of the terrace and a further 6 x 16 cm steps with stone lips to the very top of the terrace.

There are toilets on the first floor of The Terrace these are accessed via a staircase with 15 x 16 cm steps and handrail, the staircase has a 180 degree turn in the middle.

The Arnagill function room can be access via the standalone entrance on the side of the building, this method of entry has no steps and is wheelchair friendly. Behind the Arnagill function the Terrace has a smoking area from the external terrace there are no steps however from the Arnagill function room and corridor there are 3 x 18 cm steps with stone lips, there is a handrail.


This is our yurt, tree lodge and café site, it is situated 2.5 miles from the Hotel and directions can be obtained from reception or please enter HG4 4JZ into your sat nav.

Café Bistro

The main carpark for Swinton Bivouac is right next to the café, there is parking for 25 cars and the carpark surface is loose gravel. Also, important to note the final 50m of road into the carpark is very uneven gravel surface. The path from the main carpark into the café is a 10m gentle slope with a loose gravel surface, access from to the visitor’s centre / reception can also be gained from the carpark there are 9 x 17 cm level stone steps with white lines on the lips.

The café itself is on three levels with the main level being the middle one, this has a level painted concrete floor. Entry is via two large front doors which can be opened to 160 cm if required. There are also two large doors out of the side of the café into the BBQ area and courtyard. The upper level is accessed using a narrow staircase that is 88cm in width and has 7 x 17 cm wooden steps with a handrail on the left, this upper area has a wooden floor. The lower level has a level painted concrete floor and is also accessed by a narrow staircase which is also 88cm wide and has 7 x 17cm wooded step with a handrail.

From the café into the BBQ area and courtyard access is gained via 6 x 20 cm stone steps with a white lip, the first 4 have a handrail the last 2 do not. Access to the BBQ area and courtyard can also be gained around the side of the café guests would need to traverse steeper steps, there are 7 x 22cam narrow stone steps. Once in the BBQ area and courtyard access to the Owl Barn is via two even steps the first one is 20 cm and the second is 13 cm.


The yurt field is a natural sloping grass field with paths cut into the grass, the field is 10 m from the carpark. Each yurt sits on a wooden deck and there is a 23 cm step from the field up on to the deck, there is then an 18 cm step into the yurt itself please be careful of a 4 cm wooden lip over the door. The yurts have level carpets floors with a 5 cm raised stone platform for the fireplace. The beds in the yurts are 48 cm and 102 cm from the ground. Each yurt has its own toilet and there is a 17 cm step from the yurt deck into the toilet cubicle.

BBQ & Hot Tub

The BBQ, hot tub and toilet area and toilets is on a raised wooden platform, there are also benches and an outdoor kitchen. There are two steps on to this platform which are 30 cm and 23 cm in height. The BBQ area’s surface is small blue slate pebbles. Access into the hot tub is via 3 steps which are 33 cm, 24 cm and 46 cm in height.

Tree Lodges

The tree lodges are set in a field which is 500 m from the main reception, it is suggested you drive this distance as the lodges and Druids Temple has their own car park. From the carpark there is a short walk alongside a wall before you reach 3 stiles the first is 50 m from the carpark with the 2nd being 75m and the 3rd 100 m. The stiles are through stone walls and hence can be a little uneven, the steps in the stiles follow these measurements – 1st is two steps (23 cm & 35 cm), 2nd is two steps (40 cm & 30 cm) 3rd is two steps (40 cm and 22 cm). Paths in the woodland surrounding the lodges are uneven grass path with exposed tree roots, there are also some low hanging branches, especially if you stray off the worn paths.

Into the loges themselves there are 5 x 21 cm wooden steps with a handrail. There is a small wooden lip just before the door, the entrance is 81 cm wide. The inside of the lodges is a wooden floor with no further steps, there is however a 5 cm lip on the shower tray. There are 3 sleeping levels in the lodges, the lower double bed is on the lower level with no steps, the middle level to the 3 single beds is accessed by a small ladder with 7 steps, the top level is accessed by 12 quite steep steps up a ladder with a rope handrail on both sides. Please be aware ceiling heights are low in the sleeping areas.

Druids Temple

The Druids Temple has its own carpark which is 500m from Swinton Bivouac reception, there is cattle grid as you enter the carpark and parking for 10 – 15 cars depending on how they are parked. There is a 350 mw walk to Druids Temple, the path is a combination of uneven grass, stones and exposed tree roots, a typical worn field path. Not very accessible by wheelchair or car.


The access to One High Swinton is uneven and a combination of stepping stones and grass. There are no steps into the property and entry is wheelchair friendly.

The internal doors are quite low measuring 170 cm high. From the ground floor there are 4 x 20 cm high steps into the kitchen, there are no steps from the kitchen out onto the level patio at the rear. The ground floor laundry room at the rear of the property has 5 x 10 cm steps up to the back door. Downstairs has a shower room which has a 25 cm step into the shower tray.

The staircase up to the upper floor is narrow with a 90-degree twist, there are 10 steps.

Light switches are 130 cm from the floor and levers to open internal doors are 120 cm from the floor.

Additional Information

The proprietors are keen to make the house and gardens available for all guests. Fire evacuation procedures are clearly displayed in all bedrooms and around the hotel with the ‘fire assembly’ point located outside on the front lawn, accessible for everyone.

The nearest General Hospitals with an A&E unit / walk in unit are Northallerton Friarage or Ripon Minor Injuries Unit. The nearest doctor’s surgery is in Masham.

Free Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the estate and we offer a separate network for conference users.

In the morning room, we offer leaflets on nearby attractions and can help with local knowledge from our front of house staff and where possible can offer Access Statements for information.

Contact information

Address: Swinton Estate, Masham, Nr Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 4JH

Telephone: 01765 680900

Opening: All year round

Local Equipment hire: Daily Care Ltd – Ripon 01765 600234
Local Accessible taxi: Havacab – Ripon 0800 169 7007 Freephone
Local carers: Carers resource – 01765 690222
Local Public Transport: Ripon