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Estate History

The Estate has been in the ownership of the Cunliffe-Lister family since the 1880’s, when Samuel Cunliffe-Lister bought the estate on retiring from his mill in Bradford, Manningham Mills. His grand-daughter Molly and husband Philip Lloyd-Graeme then took the family name on inheriting the estate and the family home, Swinton Park, and Philip was appointed Earl of Swinton in 1955.

Molly’s grandson Nicholas is the current Earl of Swinton, and his son Mark is the Baron of Masham. Mark is now responsible for the running of the Estate, and he and his wife Felicity converted the family home into a hotel in 2001.

The countryside on the Estate comprises approximately 63 miles of public footpaths and bridlepaths with car parking available at Nutwith Woods, Druid’s Temple, Gollinglith Foot, Leighton Reservoir, Roomer Common, Ellington Firth and Masham Town Square. Maps and walking routes are available from reception at both Swinton Park and Swinton Bivouac.