Activities on the Swinton Estate

Laser Clay Shooting

Friendly competition

Laser Clays are great fun – either just to have a go and see if you have ‘an eye’, or as an introduction to traditional clay shooting!

You’ll be holding a deactivated and high-tech version of a shotgun, firing invisible infrared beams onto clay targets launched at different angles and speeds. The scoreboard will tell us who was bang on, and who was off-beam – designed for a little friendly competition!

Laser Clay Shooting takes place just outside Swinton Park Hotel entrance – open to both residents and people just visiting for the day!

A family doing laser clay shooting at Swinton Park Hotel in North Yorkshire

More information

25 clays: £20 per person

50 clays: £30 per person

Minimum of two people booking and a maximum of five people per time slot. Sessions can be booked any time between 11:30am‑1.00pm and between 5.00pm‑6.00pm. Must be pre-booked at least 24 hours prior.


Please book using the link above. Booking must be made at least 24 hours prior. 
It is suitable for guests over the age of 12 years old. All participants need to be able to hold a gun that weighs 2.5kg.

The activity takes place at Swinton Park Hotel.

Swinton Park Hotel
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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