Activities on the Swinton Estate

Reservoir fishing

Fish at Leighton Reservoir

Leighton Reservoir is a 105-acre, fly-only bank fished reservoir, stocked with Rainbow Trout from the nearby Swinton Trout Farm.

It is located in stunning scenery with fabulous views, surrounded by the moorland dales, just a few miles from Masham. The reservoir is a Trout Masters water with a number of fish over 10lbs caught every year.

Aerial photo of Leighton Reservoir on the Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire

Swinton Trout Farm

Swinton Trout Farm is situated on the River Burn, a tributary of the River Ure which is only three miles from Leighton Reservoir. Trout are reared at the farm and then transferred to the reservoir. The fish in the farm are used to the same peaty, slightly acidic water of the reservoir, which leads to their easy and healthy transfer.


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Rainbow Trout from the nearby Swinton Trout Farm.

The activity takes place at Swinton Estate.

North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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