Activities on the Swinton Estate

River fishing

Fishing on the River Ure and the River Burn

Swinton Estate has fishing for salmon, wild brown trout and grayling along its 4 miles of single bank fishing on the River Ure, and the River Burn has over 6 miles of double bank fishing.

Through careful management, the water quality of the River Ure has improved dramatically over the last 35 years, leading to a rapid increase in salmon numbers. Significant work has been recently carried out by the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust in association with the Swinton Estate. The resulting habitat improvement and a smolt release program means that juvenile densities of salmon at some sites on the River Ure have now increased to rival those of the UK’s best salmon rivers

A woman fishing in a river in North Yorkshire

Where is the River Burn?

The River Burn flows through the heart of the Estate, rising on Masham Moor and flowing down through Colsterdale, past the villages of Healey and Fearby and joining the River Ure just south of Masham. It offers a truly wild fishing experience and is a favoured beat of the Earl of Swinton.


To book Salmon or Grayling day fishing tickets on the Nutwith stretch of the Ure, please book via FishPal (link above). 
Trout fishing day tickets are not available online and need to be booked by special arrangement with FishPal or Swinton Estate.

The activity takes place at Swinton Estate.

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