International Courses

  • French Brasserie

    Become a true French chef with a look at a variety of traditional and modern French dishes.

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  • Indian Masterclass

    Recreate the colourful flavours of India, toasting your spices and marinating your meat to achieve that authentic Indian flavour.

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  • Italian Cuisine

    Learn how to serve up a friendly, informal, hearty feast Italian style! From Homemade pasta to the classic tiramisu, we'll have you cooking up a storm.

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  • Middle Eastern

    Understand the ingredients and flavour combinations that create the exciting, flavourful dishes that make this the 'hot' cuisine of the moment.

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  • South East Asian Cuisine

    Discover the flavours of South East Asia. This flavour packed and healthy cuisine will add new exciting dishes to your repertoire.

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  • Modern World Street Food Classics

    Bring the hustle and bustle of a street food market to your kitchen with these crowd-pleasing classics. Get an insight into the latest trend of flavour packed, easy to make, yet visually stunning snacks. Including, American, Mexican and Thai street food styling.

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