• 2nd, 9th, 10th, 16th and 30th December

    Festive Chef's Table

    What is unique about the Chef’s Table at Swinton Cookery School is that the Chef cooks just for the guests at the demonstration table. Whether you are two people or 12, it's the perfect way to celebrate prior to Christmas.

    Venue: Swinton Cookery School
    Price: £85 per person, including a glass of Champagne and Canapés, 5 course meal, with coffee and chocolates served after.

    Please call 01765 680900 or email reservations@swintonestate.com to book.

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  • 23rd December

    Christmas in a Box - Full Day Cookery Course

    Prepare a full Christmas lunch for four people, ready to be finished on the big day with a step by step guide to timings to make the day both seamless and stress free.

    Date: Friday 23rd December
    Venue: Swinton Cookery School
    Time: Arrive for 9.45am for a 10am start
    Price: £220

    Please call 01765 680900 or email reservations@swintonestate.com to book.

  • Cooking for Better Health with Kate Chaytor-Norris

    A hands-on half-day cookery course where our consultant Nutritional Therapist, Kate Chaytor-Norris, joins Luke Palmer in the school.

    The focus is on health and wellbeing, with a review of the benefits of current food trends, including paleo, dairy free and "good" fats. The importance of variation of diet, the issues surrounding processed food and the benefits of cooking "from scratch" are key themes and during the course, Luke will teach you how to avoid what you need to and introduce healthier alternatives, whilst at the same time creating dishes that look and taste fantastic.

    If you are struggling with ongoing chronic health issues, then this is really the day for you.

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  • 2023 Dates TBC

    Healing your Skin from Within with Hanna Sillitoe - As Seen on TV!

    A rising star in the world of nutrition, Hanna’s Skin Healing Expert brand is one to watch with her own recipe book and range of supplements. Hanna joins Luke Palmer in the Cookery School for a two hour talk and cookery demonstration focusing on healing the gut and, in particular, how this clears the symptoms that are shown on the skin (such as acne, psoriasis and eczema). Her talk covers the five elements that form part of the healing process: exercise, stress management, sleep, topical applications and of course diet.

    Hanna’s 28 day diet plan is based on anti-inflammatory plant based meals, with the key ingredients forming part of the demonstration lunch served at the Cookery School by Luke. Following this, guests enjoy an afternoon in the spa with access to the pools and thermal suite.

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