A unique two night digital detox experience at Swinton Bivouac in the Yorkshire Dales. Unplug and unwind, and find space to clear your mind during a two night stay in one of our hand built and off-grid tree lodges. Relax, recuperate and recharge your own energy with a hosted programme that combines sound baths, forest baths (which are mindfulness forest walks) and reiki drumming around the campfire. If you are suffering from low levels of energy, or feeling anxious or stressed, and spending too much time on your screen at too fast a pace of life, a digital detox at Swinton Bivouac will help you to take a step away from your day to day life, re-assess and rebalance.

Swinton Bivouac is in a beautifully remote location, set  on the edge of the moorland Yorkshire Dales (five miles from the market town of Masham) with sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. The tree lodges enjoy woodland seclusion, just a short distance from the Long Barn and Café. Guests are welcome to explore the woodland and discover the Druid’s Temple, standing stones and further breath taking views across the Swinton Estate.

During your stay you will have free time to enjoy all the comforts of your tree lodge, spend time with the group in the Long Barn or take the very short shuttle drive to the Swinton Country Club & Spa where you enjoy complimentary access to the indoor and outdoor pools and hot tub, and the thermal suite with hydrotherapy pool, saunas and steam rooms. You also have the option of booking a treatment from the extensive range available and spending time in the relaxation suite of rooms that includes heated water beds.

  • Meet your Host

    Faith’s background is in the nursing profession, after 13yrs she left to pursue her passion – the natural world. Retraining in horticulture and arboriculture, Faith ended up working and using this as a therapeutic tool to aid others. quickly realising that her passion lies in the natural world and the benefit it can bring to humans. Faith studied mindfulness and other practices and brought all of this together to not only enhance her own life but also to help others enhance theirs.

    Faith lives, works and breathes in a natural environment and having spent a great deal of time not just in the woods but in other natural environments, be it in the mountains, by the sea or in a meadow, Faith knows there are benefits to us as humans in all natural environments.

  • Forest Bathing

    Forest bathing is the term used for emerging yourself within a natural wooded environment fully aware and in a mindful way to enhance our health, wellbeing and happiness, thus enriching our lives. Trees naturally give off something called ‘phytoncides' or 'wood essential oils’, these oils when inhaled have been scientifically and clinically proven to have a beneficial impact on our nervous systems.

    Scientific studies carried out in Japan have shown that benefits of these essential oils on us can include a boosted immune system, reduced blood pressure, reduction in stress and improvement in mood along with improved focus, energy and sleep.

    This may seem very simple to some but studies show that to get any benefit from nature we need to do it ‘mindfully’. Mindfulness is the latest buzz word and thankfully people everywhere seem to be aware of it and its uses in everyday life. But how many of us actually make an active decision to be fully present and in the moment? Benefits of taking regular Forest baths include a deeper and clearer intuition. People often find that once they become more aware of their surroundings they become happier and more rounded as individuals, relationships strengthened, goals achieved and hurdles overcome.

    The Forest Bathing sessions are led by Faith and take place in the woodland that surrounds the tree lodges, where there are various standing stones, a Druid’s Temple and beautiful views across the surrounding moorland.

  • Sound Baths

    Janie Beardsall qualified as a Sound Therapist in 2016. She was given her first Sound Bath 8 years ago and became passionate about the power sound has to initiate re-balance and healing.

    The sound bath is a group experience and a deep and often healing meditation is achieved from an immersion in sounds from drums, singing bowls, tuning forks and chanting mantras. Sound resonates with our bodies on a molecular level to reach us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually as it re-balances our vibrational frequencies. The session takes place in the Long Barn, with the group comfortably seated around Janie.

    Janie is available for additional one to one sessions during the Digital Detox break, outside of the scheduled group events.

  • Reiki Drumming

    Enjoy sitting around the warmth of a campfire and listen to the hypnotic beating of a drum, either close your eyes and see where the sound carries you or simply watch the fire dance to the drum. The regular beating of a drum will induce a state of calm, relaxation and meditation. Recent studies have proven that drumming reduces stress and anxiety, it helps to clear our minds and actually boosts our immune systems.

    The drumming session is led by Faith and will be held around one of our firepits, or in the Long Barn if the weather is not on our side!

  • What to Bring

    Despite the name, you will not be bathing on a Forest Bath! Forest Bathing is a mindfulness woodland walk and will be held in the woodland, whatever the weather, so warm and waterproof clothing and footwear is essential. In the event of very high winds the woodland will be closed, in which case a mediation session will be held in the Long Barn or the Forest Bathing re-scheduled to a time of day when the winds have dropped.

    The Sound Baths are held in the Long Barn. All you need is warm comfortable clothing, you will be seated on bean bags and rugs provided – it is not unusual to fall into a deep sleep during the session!

    The Reiki Drumming session will be held around the firepit after supper. The temperature can drop considerably in the Yorkshire Dales in the evening, and even though the fire will help keep you warm please remember an additional layer of warmth to keep you cosy.

  • Package Cost and Programme

    The package cost is £362.50 per person, based on two sharing a tree lodge, with a £102.50 supplement for single occupancy. Additional guests are £260 per person. All meals are vegetarian, wholesome and nutritious. We encourage guests to avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible, but coffee and tea will be served at breakfast. A continental breakfast in a basket is delivered to your tree lodge (where you can prepare it at your own leisure); lunch and dinner are served to the group as a communal meal in the Café.

    The charge includes full board, and all forest bathing, sound bath and reiki drumming sessions. The shuttle to and from and access to the spa at the Swinton Country Club is complimentary. Any treatments booked at the spa or additional meals or refreshments will be charged for. You will need to make your own travel arrangements, the nearest stations are Northallerton and Thirsk.

    The programme is as follows :
    Day one - Arrive 3pm | Refreshments and Introductions in the Long Barn | Check-in to your Tree Lodge | Wind-down Sound Bath | Dinner in the Café Bistro
    Day Two - Sunrise walk in the woodland | Breakfast delivered to you in your Tree Lodge | Spa time | Lunch in the Café Bistro | Silent Forest Walk | Free time | Dinner in the Café Bistro | Campfire and Reiki drumming
    Day Three - Breakfast delivered to you in your Tree Lodge | Energising Sound Bath | Group refreshments | Check-out of Tree Lodges at 12pm | Spa time

  • Your Accommodation

    You will be staying in complete solitude one of our tree lodges, which enjoy a woodland setting with views across the Dales. The lodges are hand built and off-grid. This means that there is no electricity and no wifi. Your source of heat is your wood burner, but there is gas for hot water in your shower room and kitchen. At night your only source of light is a wind up lantern and candlelight. Please note the paths to and from the lodges can be uneven, so we recommend you carry at torch with you in the evenings. The car park is a short walk away from the lodges, so soft luggage that is easy to carry (not on wheels) is recommended. The walk to the Long Barn and Café through the meadow takes 5-10 minutes.

    The layout of the tree lodge is open plan with double beds on a bunk arrangement – you have a choice of a bunk on ground floor or one at the top of the ladder with views of the night sky through the skylight! There is an indoor and outdoor seating area, shower & WC, and well equipped kitchen. Wool bedding (mattress topper, duvet and pillows) will be provided – this provides warmth but at the same time helps regulate your body temperature and stops you over heating in the night to allow for a better quality of sleep.

  • Spa Time

    During your stay you have the option of visiting the Swinton Country Club & Spa. Transport is supplied on the Monday morning for this. Here you can enjoy a swim in the indoor lap pool or outdoor natural pool (free of all chemicals), have a soak in the outdoor cedar hot tub or relax on one of the outdoor loungers with a hot water bottle, slippers and sheepskin. There is also the thermal suite with foot baths, saunas and steam rooms and hydrotherapy room.

    A treatment during your time at the spa is to be recommended, and the choice available includes facials, massages and complementary therapy such as craniosacral therapy and reiki massage. Advance booking is required, and additional charges outside of the package price apply.

    Swinton Country Club and Spa

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The package cost is £362.50 per person, based on two sharing a tree lodge, with a £102.50 supplement for single occupancy. Additional guests are £260 per person.


25th June until 27th June 2023

24th September until 26th September 2023


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