• Nature and Science culminate in a ground-breaking, nourishing, exquisitely scented skincare range


    Elemis is a results-driven, award-winning skincare range offered for our guests and members at Swinton Country Club and Spa. Made up of ethically sourced powerful marine and plant actives together with intricately-blended aromatics, Elemis was born out of the vision to bring together the power of nature and science. A pioneering British spa and skincare brand, we are proud to partner with Elemis to bring our guests some of the most influential anti-ageing home care products and professional spa-therapies. From facials to body treatments, including crystal poultice therapy, wraps and massages - for both women and men - Elemis will help to renew radiance, nourish and balance skin - perfect if you are feeling run down and drained of energy.

  • A way of life


    Bamford create beautiful products which are natural, artisan made and organic. Their founder, Carole Bamford is dedicated to sustainable and holistic living. Her passion has inspired a collection of skin care and facial treatments which complement our way of life and fit perfectly with the philosophy of Swinton Country Club and Spa. Bamford take special care to find the rare and cherish the exceptional and have searched through nature’s larder to select powerful natural ingredients which achieve visible results and care for the most delicate of skin. Bamford use only the finest natural and organic ingredients to produce the highest quality and beautiful face and body skincare. At their core are the relationships with people and the world around them. They want to allow their clients to feel comforted by what they put on and against their skin and this is at the heart of the deeply relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments, gifts and home care.