Physiotherapy is a science based approach to help clients who have a range of physical related issues such as movement, function, strength and performance, it can also assist with joint related pain relief.

And is now available at Swinton Country Club & Spa!

Dr Jenny Alexanders PhD, MSc, MCSP

Having qualified in 2004, Dr Jenny Alexanders from Tyne and Wear is an experienced Physiotherapist and Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy.


Being a specialist musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Jenny uses a range of skills including soft tissue and nerve mobilisation, joint manipulation, corrective taping techniques, acupuncture, sports massage and functional rehabilitation.


Physiotherapy Consultation (1 hour) £68

A detailed history and physical examination is taken of the client, at that point, a diagnosis will be discussed with the patient followed by a bespoke treatment based on the needs of the client.

Follow-Up Treatment (45 minutes) £42

Following the Physiotherapy Consultation, a number of follow-up sessions may be recommended. These sessions are treatment based.

Sports Massage (55 minutes) £55

A form of massage which manipulates the soft tissue, not just for the sportsmen and women. During the session a brief assessment is carried out to understand the client in order to deliver a sports massage catering to the clients needs.

Wellness Assessment (1 hour) £80

The session consists of a detailed history followed by a medical assessment, movement analysis, soft tissue testing and strength examination. The findings will then be discussed followed by a plan which is completely bespoke.

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Jenny will be at Swinton Country Club & Spa every Saturday.


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