Wellness at the Swinton Country Club

The Gym

Training and fitness

Time in the gym gives guests the benefit of the attention and expertise of our highly qualified team of Personal Trainers and range of state-of-the-art equipment.

The gym combines static machines with functional fitness for maximum results, with a high level of individual support.

The studio, offers a full programme including yoga, tai chi, Pilates and Tabata;  along with HIIT, spin classes and circuits and one-to-one mindful movement practice.

Two personal trainers posing in front of gym equipment at Swinton Country Club on the Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire

Training and fitness

Available for both members and residents of Swinton Park, personal training at Swinton Country Club starts with an initial consultation with one of our personal trainers where a tailor made program will be created.

Personal training is specific to the individual goals and body type meaning there is less risk of injury. Fitness tests can be conducted and tracked over a period of time so results can be tracked, e.g. if the goal was to be able to touch your toes, there are a range of motion tests to make it possible.

Each session will last around an hour and frequency will depend on your goals.

To book call our team on 01765 680950 or email spareservations@swintonestate.com

Electro-Muscle Stimulation trainer Ali Bramwell (Yarm EMS Fitness Training)

EMS fitness

EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) uses low to mid-range electrical impulses to increase the number of muscle fibres activated during a full-body workout. By using EMS in combination with body-weight exercises and voluntary contraction, each 20 minute session can stimulate all the main muscle groups while also activating deeper lying core and minor muscles.

Exclusively available to members, you can book free trial sessions and block bookings directly with Ali Bramwell (Yarm EMS Fitness Training) by emailing info@yarmems.com.

Annabel Andrew from Odgen Natural health

Explore your natural health

What gets measured, gets managed. But how many of us apply this philosophy to ourselves?

Annabel Andrew (Consultant Health Coach and Evolving Vitality Practitioner at Ogden Natural Health Clinic in Harrogate) is offering one-to-one sessions at Swinton Country Club, providing valuable insights into your health and the effect these can have on your life.

Explore insights into how your body is functioning then gain a personal, evidenced-based programme to help overcome your weaknesses and build upon your strengths – following the philosophy “prevention is better than cure”.

£85 per session. To book, email annabelandrew67@gmail.com or call 07881 504165.

Classes timetable

By joining our Country Club membership, you can enjoy daily access to our purpose-built gymnasium and exercise studio. You’ll also have full access to our range of wellbeing, fitness, thermal retreat, pools, spa and beauty facilities, along with privileged rates on dining, accommodation, treatments and more.

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