20,000 acres of Yorkshire beauty

Swinton Estate is one of the largest privately owned estates in England, situated in North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales.

Comprising 20,000 acres, about two thirds of the land is forestry and farmland, and one third open moorland.

The Estate owns upwards of 90 properties situated both within the nearby market town of Masham and the surrounding countryside and borders the Yorkshire Dales National Park and falls within the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Swinton Estate is a desirable place to live, stay and visit and includes: Swinton Park Hotel, Swinton Cookery School, Swinton Bivouac glamping campsite and café, and Swinton Country Club.

Our history

The Swinton Estate dates back to the late 1600s and has been in the ownership of the Cunliffe-Lister family since the 1880s.


Green is more than a word to us. It’s a commitment to protect the environment so there’s clean air, fresh water, and unspoiled nature for all to enjoy – today and tomorrow. Honouring that commitment means finding different ways to work, live and travel on the Swinton Estate.


Our natural capital is a finite resource. With 7,000 acres of open moorland and 1,700 acres of woodland, we are responsible for protecting and managing a huge swathe of wild open country. We are also actively engaged in protecting habitats to provide better breeding habitats for some of our rarest species.

Living on the Estate

Swinton Estate rents a number of residential properties across North Yorkshire; from small character cottages to large detached houses and farms. 


Swinton Estate works with upwards of 25 farm tenants who farm various types of holdings on the Estate, from fully equipped farms to bare land holdings and annual grazing licences.

Swinton Foundation

The Swinton Foundation is a charitable trust that supports charities, artists, entrepreneurs and communities in the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding area, helping regenerate the rural landscape and with the Swinton Estate providing a base as a catalyst for further enterprise and development.

Activities on the Swinton Estate

Across the 20,000 acre Swinton Estate we have a myriad of activities to enhance your visit or stay…

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