About the Swinton Estate


An environment that is carbon neutral by 2030

Green is more than a word to us. It’s a commitment to protect the environment so there’s clean air, fresh water, and unspoiled nature for all to enjoy – today and tomorrow. Honouring that commitment means finding different ways to work, live and travel on the Swinton Estate.

Our vision, as caretakers of the Swinton Estate, is to achieve ground breaking environmental and socially responsible standards. Our responsibility for the wellbeing of future generations is interwoven in the landscape that surrounds us. Our ambition is that we will deliver, amongst other objectives, an environment that is carbon neutral by 2030, and a carbon negative by 2040.

Our standards have been set to ensure that the physical landscape is protected and that the true value of our diverse habitats and ecosystems are recognised. This, combined with the way in which we live and work on the Estate, will have a positive impact as we give priority to ground-breaking technology and solutions that will enable us to regenerate and further develop the Estate in a responsible and respectful manner. We also recognise the value of the current contribution that Swinton Estate makes to the wider environment, and its potential to contribute further.

At the same time, the Swinton Estate is home to a thriving leisure business with over 25,000 visitors coming to the Estate every year, and it is our responsibility to minimise the impact of this. It is our ambition that the Estate be recognised at a national level for both the way we manage this and our commitment to invest in ground-breaking innovation. We are committed to enrich the local community and to create an environment that balances the needs of all those who live, work or visit the Estate in a socially responsible way. Our approach challenges us to embrace every objective that is achievable for the current generation, giving priority to the welfare of the next generation.

AA Hospitality Sustainable Award 2022-2023   Green Tourism Gold Award   Investors in the Environment - Green awardBeyond Green

This is where we drill into the day to day, and the contributions that we can all make to reduce consumption, minimise waste and engage in the “least harm” mindset. Our Environment Committee meets every month and consists of ten team members from across the Estate with the objective to improve our knowledge, monitoring and overall impact.

We know that it is not enough to change our behaviour in the way we currently live. We need to look to the future and to how we can live better, by investing in ground-breaking design and innovation. By building for a sustainable future, we are creating a legacy that will last.


In recent years our environmental achievements have been recognised at a national level. Awards include the Gold standard in Green Tourism, 2022/23 AA Hospitality Sustainable Business award and the ‘Life on the Land’ award from the Redlist revival in recognition of measures taken on the moors to protect “at risk” species. We have been awarded a Green level award by Investors in the Environment. Measures to achieve this included further reducing our waste, investing in a hedge planting and much more.

Between now and 2040, we will be delivering an ambitious strategy that we hope will see the Estate recognised for its stewardship, resilience, and service, while we progress and understand the importance of the natural capital we have.

Read our first annual Sustainability Report, where we share what we have been doing towards a more sustainable future on the Swinton Estate.

For sustainability enquiries, please contact the Estate Office on 01765 689224 or email sustainability@swintonestate.com