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Birds of Prey Photographic Workshop

Enjoy a full-day photographic workshop

Swinton Park Birds of Prey is hosting a full day photographic workshop with Essence of Light.

Over the course of the morning and afternoon, participants will be introduced to a number of birds of prey, many of which are indigenous to the British Isles. They will have the opportunity to get close to the birds and photograph them in a variety of settings, including shots in the spectacular North Yorkshire countryside.

This is a workshop that is tailored specifically to photography, which means that extra attention is paid not just to ensuring good compositions, but also to provide locations where the birds can be photographed in a natural setting. Equipment on the birds is kept to a minimum and removed where possible, and every attempt is made at presenting the birds so any equipment is hidden. Group sizes are also kept small to keep things personal and so every participant gets more freedom to photograph the birds.

Throughout the day we will create a range of static shots that gives photographers of all abilities the chance to take great photographs, but at various points in the day the birds can also be flown to allow more advanced photographers to get images of these amazing birds in flight. It is very much an open workshop as well, so if participants have something they would like to try, we are always happy to accommodate if possible.

The Birds of Prey team is available throughout the day to provide information on the birds, while Jed is there to provide photographic assistance and give pointers on composition. In between trying to find good angles for participants, he’ll frequently be heard chasing people to keep an eye on their backgrounds and watch their shutter speeds!

£120 per person, with no more than 8 people per workshop.

£120 per person
An owl at the Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire

Event timings

  • Run from 10.30am until 4.00pm including a light lunch
  • Meet at Swinton Park Hotel car park, we will be moving around the countryside in the afternoon

Upcoming dates

  • 11th August 2024
  • 18th August 2024
  • 21st August 2024
  • 26th August 2024
  • 28th August 2024
  • 16th October 2024
  • 20th October 2024
  • 23rd October 2024
  • 27th October 2024
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A digital SLR or interchangeable lens mirrorless camera is recommended, although we have had participants manage with bridge and compact cameras.

A lens between 200mm and 300mm in focal length offers a good working distance and pleasing angle of view and subject isolation.

If the weather permits, wide angle lenses can also be used to photograph the birds in their environment.

Sensible, comfortable attire for being out in the countryside.

Lots of memory cards and at least one full battery!
No more than 8 people per workshop.

The event will take place at Swinton Park Hotel:

Swinton Park Hotel
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

The Swinton Park Hotel is a luxury Grade II* castle set in beautiful parkland grounds at the centre of the Swinton Estate.

Owned by the Cunliffe-Lister family since the 1880s, and the ancestral seat of the Earl of Swinton, guests at the hotel enjoy a traditional, yet informal stately home experience.

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