Cooking for Better Health with Kate Chaytor-Norris

cooking for better health swinton cookery school

This half day health based cookery course is run by Swinton Cookery School Tutor Chef, Luke, and Nutritional Therapist Kate Chaytor-Norris.

10am – 11:30am – a talk with Kate covering blood sugar, toxicity and balancing gut bacteria to aid digestion and wellness.

11:30am – break with herbal teas.

12pm – 2pm – Kate will talk through how to reduce sugar intake and offer alternatives, how to plan menus to combat chronic health problems, how food can be medicinal whilst still tasting fantastic. Luke will cook a menu based on Kate’s recommendations in front of you, talking about the importance of variation in diets, importance of preparing products from scratch and some top chef tips on how to ensure that healthy food tastes and looks fantastic. Learn about the benefits of paleo, dairy free food and ‘good’ fats.

If you are struggling with ongoing chronic health issues, then this is really the day for you.


£125 per person | 15% off for Swinton Country Club & Spa members

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