Cooking with Fire – Half Day

  • Venue: Swinton Cookery School
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delivita cooking with fire at Swinton Cookery School

New for 2022!

Join our resident cookery school chef, Luke Palmer in our stunning country kitchen with breathtaking views of Swinton Estate Grounds and Yorkshire Dales to prepare your ingredients for the day ahead.

Heading outdoors we will introduce you to our DeliVita wood fired ovens, learning how to light and maintain the fire, we will delve deep into temperature control and variation for each dish.

Techniques covered will include how to hand stretch, launch, turn and retrieve pizza. Bone in steak cookery, internal temperatures and resting times and how to plan your gathering at home to maximise time spent enjoying the outdoors.

We always encourage a hands on approach within the classes and all ingredients and equipment will be provided.

Recipes (may include):

  • Pizza
  • Bone in Steaks
  • Lamb and padron pepper skewers
  • Grilled Caesar Salad
  • Whole roast Seabass
  • Wood fired Brownies


Techniques Covered on Course:

  • Hand stretching pizza and dough preparation
  • Steak cookery, internal temperature guides and resting times
  • Preparation of different kinds of meat
  • Cooking of different kinds of meat
  • Fire starting and control


£100 / £110 per person

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