French Brasserie – Half Day

Become a true French chef with a look at some a variety of their traditional and modern dishes. Learn the variety within the five mother sauces of French cuisine to some techniques used amongst some of the current French chefs.

All of our courses are delivered by our resident master chef. The classes take place in our stunning country kitchen with breathtaking views of Swinton Estate Grounds and Yorkshire Dales.

We always encourage a hands on approach within the classes and all ingredients and equipment will be provided.

Half Day Recipes (may include):

  • Rustic French loaf
  • Country pate
  • French onion soup
  • Chicken sauté chasseur
  • Pear and almond tart

Techniques Covered on Course:

  • Artisanal bread making and shaping
  • Using different kinds of meat to make pate, variations of flavourings
  • Techniques around making a traditional bisque, for example flambéing.
  • Understanding the technique of confit and its effect on meat
  • Lining a sweet pastry case and making an frangipane
  • The techniques required to make a soufflé

Half day course – £100 / £110

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