Horse logging demonstration day

Discover the art of horse logging. Watch live demonstrations of this traditional and sustainable practice, taking place throughout the day.

You’ll see experienced experts working in close partnership with magnificent horses while they fell specifically selected trees as part of our sustainable 20-year Woodland Management Plan. The trees are typically felled to provide more light to the woodland floor or allow space for other species to grow.

Horse logging is a historic practice, developed long before the tractor was invented. The modern-day benefits are that it is low-impact and more environmentally friendly compared to using machines. Horse logging also allows individual trees to be felled within a dense woodland, rather than having to remove a large number of trees in one go.

The demonstration day takes place near Swinton Bivouac, where our café will be open for drinks and refreshments. Well behaved dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead.

You can learn more about our sustainable forestry activities here.