Reiki Drumming

Take time out of your day and give back to yourself with a reiki drumming sound healing experience…

The gentle rhythm, tones and sounds of the handmade drums will help you naturally release stresses and tensions. The session will support your body, mind, spirit and soul to feel whole.
You will simply lay back in comfort, eyes closed, breathing deeply, relaxing and letting go.

The session will begin with a little guidance from Liz and some relaxation breathing before the drumming begins. We will then finish off with sounds of the Peruvian rain stick and some gentle movement to get the good vibes flowing before stepping back out into the world.

Venue: Spa Garden at Swinton Country Club & Spa
Time: 6pm until 7pm
Price: £25.00 Session only | £20.00 Session only for members

Upgrade your Reiki Drumming into a Spa Day experience. Arrive for two hours of relaxation with access to the spa facilities before the healing experience of the Reiki Drumming. The Spa Day experience starts with a 2-course lunch in The Terrace, or ends with a 2-course dinner in The Terrace. £85.00 Reiki Drumming Session and Spa Day.

Please call 01765 680950 to book.