Sushi Making – Full Day

New for 2022

Discover the flavours of Japan, renowned for being both healthy and delicious our chefs will guide you in making a wide array of sushi and light Japanese dishes.

You will learn about the origins of sushi and sashimi, how to prepare and check ingredients and the techniques required to create a sushi banquet for friends and family.

The classes take place in our stunning country kitchen with breathtaking views of Swinton Estate Grounds and Yorkshire Dales.

We always encourage a hands on approach within the classes and all ingredients and equipment will be provided.


Recipes (may include):

  • Miso Soup
  • Gunkon Maki (Warship Roll)
  • Temaki (Cone Shaped Sushi)
  • Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omlette)
  • Maki (Californian Roll)
  • Uramaki (Inside out Californian Roll)
  • Nigiri



Techniques Covered on Course:

  • Sourcing Sashimi Grade fish
  • Rice preparation and homemade seasoning
  • Building of different sushi shapes
  • Traditional accompaniments that work alongside the dishes
  • Vegetable preparation and knife skills
  • Traditional slicing techniques of fish and seafood

Full day course – £180

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