We're committed to doing our part to be green

Green is more than a word to us. It’s a commitment to protect the environment so there’s clean air, fresh water, and unspoiled nature for all to enjoy – today and tomorrow. Honouring that commitment means finding different ways to work, live and travel on the Swinton Estate.

Our Sustainable Environment

Doing our part

At Swinton, we know our guests and visitors are concerned with minimising waste, saving water, and doing whatever we can to help the environment. We are too and below is just a few of the initiatives we have done in recent years…


– Developed large initiatives such as Biomass heating for the spa and hot water, powered by wood direct from the Estate.

– Working with the Environment Agency and DEFRA we assist on river bank management and carbon capture projects.

– Installed an electrical voltage optimiser that reduces the power demand and use from the grid.

– Committed to planning 350 more hectares of woodland over the next 20 years.

– Chemical free, natural pool at Swinton Country Club & Spa.

– Implemented a reed bed sewer system at Swinton Bivouac.

– Started micro projects such as bug hotels and placed beehives on the moor to assist plant pollination.

– The indoor lap pool at Swinton Country Club & Spa uses an ultraviolet treatment to reduce chemical use.

– We engage the help of our guests to review their travel to us, installed electric vehicle charge points and when here, promote the use of bikes for travel around the Estate.

– Swinton Bivouac offers off-grid accommodation which has no electricity and utilises spring fed water. The tree lodge accommodation was constructed with Estate timber and sheep’s fleece for insulation.

– With the help of our Waste Management company, all waste goes to the Allerton Park waste to energy site, providing energy for local homes.

– Logs for open fires and wood burners are Estate sourced and air dried.

– Whenever possible we do not use single use plastic, are concerned with food miles, buy locally and regionally.

– An Estate to Plate ethos, limiting the food miles with the Walled Garden and produce from the wider Estate.

– Wildflower Meadows with nectar-rich plants at The Terrace Restaurant and Swinton Bivouac.

– Our green policy has influenced the interior design throughout the Estate, for example wool carpets, vinyl made of recycled plastic bottles, outdoor rugs made of recycled plastic bottles, wool curtains and upholstery. We have installed sustainable cork clad walls in the gymnasium, studio, and reception areas to absorb sound and heat, for antibacterial properties and moisture control.


These are some of the things we have achieved on the Estate over the past few years. However, as an early winner of the Gold Award for Green Tourism; Swinton has established itself over the past twenty years with credible policies in energy & waste management, extensive LED lighting, electric vehicles, water conservation and will continue our commitment to reduce our environmental impact on a year-by-year basis.


The Moors on Swinton Estate are designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Special Area of Conservation and Special Protection Area, and conservation measures are in place to protect them. The Estate is also signed up to The Environmental Stewardship Scheme which safeguards wildlife habitat through adjusted livestock management. This modifies feeding and stocking rates as well as fertiliser input and weed control.


A programme of moorland drainage grip blocking has also been undertaken with the help of funding from Natural England. This has improved and slowed the run off of water from upland areas to help reduce upland erosion and downstream flash flooding.


Many farms are benefiting from Environmental Stewardship where it forms an essential part of the financial input needed to make upland farms viable.