The inventory.

There are forty-two beautifully appointed suites and bedrooms at the Swinton Park Hotel and the Coach House.

The rooms are furnished to the highest standards with en-suite bathroom, spacious bedrooms with a contemporary historical aesthetic.

All of the rooms have views of the park-land and grounds of the Castle and the county’s daleside.

Guests staying at the Swinton Park Hotel enjoy the comfort of our suites, the facility of the Country Club & Spa, our Estate and the hospitality service it is our metier to provide.


  • Signature Suites

    Experience the very best of Swinton with our four beautiful and spacious Signature Suites - Wensleydale, Colsterdale, The Turret and York.

  • Suites

    Our Suites are spacious and all have a separate comfortable living area, bedroom with king-size bed and a large bathroom. Choose from Harewood, Richmond or Ripon Suite.

  • Bedrooms

    Signature Dukes

    Bradford is our Signature Dukes room, the largest of the bedrooms at the Castle with a feature bed, comfortable seating area with enviable view and bathroom.

  • Bedrooms


    Dukes are the largest bedrooms at the Castle with feature beds, comfortable seating areas and bathrooms. Choose from Harrogate, Fountains Abbey, Middleham, Bolton Castle, Thorp Perrow, Newby Hall and Leighton.

  • Bedrooms


    Earls are ample bedrooms with double beds, a comfortable seating area and en-suite bathroom. Choose from Burton Agnes, Castle Howard, Scarborough, Beverley, Aldborough, Thirsk, Haworth and Towler Hill.

  • Bedrooms


    Barons are comfortable bedrooms with double beds, a small seating area and en-suite bathroom. Choose from Constable Burton, Harlow Carr, Knaresborough, Masham, Headingley, Pickering, Whitby, Ellingstring, Semerwater, Healey and Sole Beck.

  • Bedrooms


    Baroness bedrooms are Swinton Park’s dedicated wellness bedrooms; comfortable, beautifully decorated and curated for a restful sleep. Located in the newly renovated Coach House, adjacent to Swinton Park, both Baroness rooms are on the ground floor. Choose from Nutwith and Agra Moor.

  • Bedrooms


    Knights are cosy bedrooms with double beds and an en-suite bathroom. Choose from Swaledale, Jervaux, Bedale, Fearby and Ilton.

  • Add On

    'Sleep Better' Package

    'Sleep is one of the essential pillars of wellness'

    A Sleep Better package created to aid restful sleep throughout your stay at Swinton Park or in a Swinton Cottage. Your luxurious bed will be made with wellness bedding to help with regenerative sleep, lined with sheep's wool that has been shown to regulate the body's temperature and moisture. Herbal 'Mind Restore' tea bags will be available for hydration and to unwind, alongside the in-room tea and coffee facilities. A gift will be left in your room to aid a good night's sleep, which includes a sleep well kit, Bamford pillow mist and Bamford bath salts, as well as a Sleep Better guide. In the morning, when you awake refreshed, breakfast will be served in your room.

    £25 per room
    To add the Sleep Better package to your stay, call our friendly reservations team on 01765 680900 or email reservations@swintonestate.com


Tel: 01765 680966

Email: reservations@swintonestate.com