Falconry Experiences at the Swinton Estate

A number of falconry experiences for families, groups and individuals are on offer at the aviary and surrounding parkland at Swinton Estate. Birds of Prey at the Swinton Estate offers educational and fun experiences, available to visitors upon arrangement. We seek to provide as much hands on interaction with our guests as possible, and to enjoy the personalities and behaviour our large variety of friendly owls, hawks and falcons.

Flying Experiences

  • 30 minutes - £60 for two guests

    Taster Falconry Experience

    This 30 minute experience is for two people, aimed at those who want to try their hand at falconry, and also for younger guests who would enjoy a shorter experience. Guests have the opportunity to hold a bird and also experience another being flown to their hand, and learn more about the birds’ hunting and flying skills.

  • One hour - £55 per person, spectators are charged at £10 each

    Hawk Walk

    A Hawk Walk involves the flying of Harris hawks around the splendour of the castle grounds. This is a unique experience lasting approximately an hour, involving a short instruction on safely handling your hawk, before taking it out under supervision into the grounds of Swinton Park where it will follow you through the trees and return to your gloved fist in spectacular style. The 200 acre parkland is a perfect location for the experience and also allows close up encounters of the fallow deer and other various wildlife.
    Photo: Carolyn Farthing-Dunn

  • One hour - £55 per person, spectators are charged at £10 each

    Owl Experience

    An owl experience lasts approximately an hour and enables you to learn a little whilst you handle and fly owls of all shapes and sizes within the hotel grounds. This experience begins with a short introduction to the owls at Swinton Park, which range from the tiny barn owl through to the large eagle owls. One of our falconers will guide you as you fly, feed and handle each bird. This is a one on one and very hands on experience and provides a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of owls from all corners of the world.
    Photo: Carolyn Farthing-Dunn

  • 30 minutes - £65 for two guests

    Cream Tea & Falconry Display

    A 30 minute flying demonstration at the bird of prey aviary overlooking the deer park in the grounds of the hotel, followed by cream tea for two served with a warm home-made scone, clotted cream and locally made preserves.

  • One hour - £145 per family (based on a group of 4)

    Family Falconry Experience

    An hour’s experience for the family to enjoy the thrill of a bird flying to their gloved hand. Up to three different birds will be flown, allowing for different species and sizes of birds – smaller birds available for smaller people!
    Additional participants £15 per person.

  • Two hours - £85 per person, spectators are charged at £15 each

    Half Day Experience

    The half day experience usually begins with a short introduction and handling session with a range of various birds kept at Swinton Park, including hawks, falcons and owls (although the flying team can vary throughout the year). The introduction is normally followed by the opportunity for guests to fly owls of different sizes and concludes with taking one of the Harris Hawks into the surrounding estate (see ‘Hawk Walk’ above) which provides the perfect completion to a unique day. This lasts approximately two hours.
    Photo: Nelson Metcalfe

  • Four hours - £130 per person, including lunch

    Full Day Experience

    The full day experience provides the opportunity to get a more intensive look into falconry and our falconers will explain a little about the training, handling, and history of the sport of falconry. You will have the chance to further the experience of the half day with the opportunity to fly a more intensive range of birds, a two course lunch is also inclusive within your day. Lasts approximately 4 hours. Price above includes a two course lunch at The Terrace Restaurant. Spectators are charged at £40 each.
    Photo: Carolyn Farthing-Dunn

  • 30 minutes - £115 per couple, including display lunch

    Falconry Lunch

    Enjoy a 30 minute falconry display and your chance to handle a couple of birds, followed by a two course lunch in the sumptuous Swinton Park. Price includes a flying display and a two course lunch.

  • One hour - £250 per display

    Falconry Displays

    Birds of Prey displays and handling experiences can be supplied for all weddings, corporate events, and activities for groups of any size, providing a unique outlook on any day. We are also happy to cater to requirements for any photographic events, team building, staff or client away days. We aim to get all members of the group involved in handling and flying a variety of birds of prey ranging from owls to hawks and falcons. A display lasts around an hour depending on your requirements and provides plenty of opportunities to ask questions and gain extra knowledge surrounding the art and history of falconry and birds of prey.

Book a Flying Experience

Tel: 01765 680900
Email: reservations@swintonestate.com

*We advise wearing long sleeved tops when handling the birds.

Meet the Birds

  • Storm & H
    Harris Hawk

    Mischievous and adventurous, never missing an opportunity to hunt if they can. Choose a hawk walk if you are brave and want to explore a little as well.

  • Wensley
    Barn Owl

    A cheeky owls but great flier. She loves people and always very enthusiastic at flying time.

  • Freya
    Common Buzzard

    Buzzards are mainly scavengers in the wild and can often be seen soaring, or occasionally sitting near roadsides. (Photo credit – Carolyn Farthing Dunn)

  • Ellie
    European Eagle Owl

    After many years of hard work and rehabilitation, Ellie is now a fantastic flying bird and due to her huge size (6.5lbs) always wows our guests.

  • Ash
    Black Barn Owl

    Ash is a melanistic barn owl (opposite of albino). Melanistic owls don't usually survive in the wild as their parents reject them. A fairly rare bird to see with one in every hundred thousand.

  • Antony
    Little Owl

    A small bird that weighs around 6oz that is native to the UK. Florence Nightingale is known to have had one as a pet! (Photo credit - Jed Wee).

  • Neeka
    Asian Brown Wood Owl

    Neeka is one of our more confident flyers and will happily fly to children. She is also one of our noisier birds! (Photo Credit - Jed Wee)

  • Sahara
    Abyssinian Eagle Owl

    One of our newest members of the team, Sahara loves to show off and flying to guests of all ages.

  • Cole
    Ashy Faced Barn Owl

    An unusual and beautiful looking owl, Cole can be shy but has a really sweet nature.

  • Nymeria
    Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owls are native to the Arctic Circle and can withstand temperatures as low as -50degrees.

Booking Arrangements

Bookings can be made at any time during daylight hours, subject to availability.

To make a booking, please contact Swinton Park on 01765 680900 or email the Reservations team.

Children 12 years and over may attend a course on their own. Those aged 11 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult (the adult will be charged the spectator fee).

Group bookings of seven or more guests for any kind of falconry event need to be made with our Events team. Please call 01765 680900 or email Events@swintonestate.com.


A cancellation fee of 100% of the booking fee applies where a course/display is cancelled three days or less from the date of the event.


Bookings can be made for 10.00am – 7.00pm in the summer months (1st May – 30th September) and 10.00am – 2.00pm in the winter months (1st October – 30th April).

Birds of Prey at the Swinton Estate Enquiries

Tel: 01765 680900
Email: reservations@swintonestate.com