Rivers & Reservoirs

The River Ure runs along the boundary of Swinton Estate, and flows the length of Wensleydale. It is 74 miles long, and feeds into the River Ouse which flows through York, draining into the Humber Estuary where it reaches the North Sea. The bridge at Masham was built in 1754, and there are records of an earlier ford further downstream.

The River Burn flows through the heart of the Estate, rising on Masham Moor and flowing down through Colsterdale, past the villages of Healey and Fearby and joining the River Ure just south of Masham.

There are two reservoirs within the Estate, both owned by Yorkshire Water. Spectacular views of these can be seen from the woodland at Druid’s Temple and also from the road which runs from Masham up across the moors and down into neighbouring Nidderdale. There is a car park at Leighton Reservoir. This is the only reservoir where there is public access for fishing, which is stocked and operated by the Swinton Estate.

Activities on and around our Rivers & Reservoirs

  • Fishing

    On the River Ure for brown trout, grayling, salmon and sea trout...

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  • Walking

    Spectacular walks around the Estate ...

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