Cricket at Swinton Park

During your stay at Swinton Park, or whilst you visit the hotel for lunch or afternoon tea, make the most of a quintessentially English experience; Cricket at Swinton Park. The hotel’s cricket team plays on the wicket in front of the turret, and you can watch them play as you soak up the view and the summer sunshine.

Picnics and blankets are available to order.

Cricket match dates:

02.06.2019 vs Hawks 2pm

06.06.2019 vs Druids 6-9pm

16.06.2019 vs Romany 2pm

22.06.2019 vs East Prawie 2pm

23.06.2019 vs East Prawie 2pm

26.06.2019 vs GSC 6-9pm

01.09.2019 vs NYSHG 2-6pm