Activities on the Swinton Estate

Bird watching

Bird hides on the Swinton Estate

Swinton Estate has two bird hides to observe the vast number of bird species that frequent the Estate.

Swinton Park Hotel’s bird hide is located next to the Wild Swimming lake, with a feeding station outside the observation window where a variety of wildlife visits, including game birds, ducks and blue tits.

Swinton Bivouac’s bird hide sits on the edge of moorland with the observation gallery overlooking heather moorland with Leighton reservoir in the distance; a special location where birds of prey such as hen harriers, red kites and marsh harriers are common sights.

The interior of a bird hide on the grounds of Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire

Bird counts on the Swinton Estate

Bird Counts are regularly undertaken on the Estate to measure bird populations and species, and to help identify what steps may need to be taken to improve habitats further.

The Estate game management team maintains the SSSI moorland environment and a number of winter crops and wetland areas. This creates a balanced environment through predator control and habitat management, and is self sustained by harvesting a surplus of game birds.

A large number of endangered birds from ground nesting waders to rare birds of prey flourish in this environment.


Yes, there are, with one bird hide in the Parkland and Gardens and another at Swinton Bivouac. 
There is a variety of bird species on the Swinton Estate. For example: game birds, ducks, blue tits, hen harriers, red kites and marsh harriers.

The activity takes place at Swinton Estate.

North Yorkshire
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