Free From – Half Day

  • Venue: Swinton Cookery School
  • Upcoming Dates:

A course great for those who have recently being advised of allergies, are trying new diets or looking to add more dishes to their ‘free from’ repertoire. It includes dairy, nuts, gluten and egg free recipes.

This hands-on course, guided by chef tutor Luke Palmer, will show you how to cook with products like xanthan gum, carrageenan and agar-agar in the most effective way. Create free from foods that have the same texture of the foods that you once loved.

The classes take place in our stunning country kitchen with breathtaking views of Swinton Estate Grounds and Yorkshire Dales.

We always encourage a hands on approach within the classes and all ingredients and equipment will be provided.


Dishes can include:

  • Gluten free Chia Bread
  • Sweet and rough puff pastry
  • Passion fruit Panna cotta
  • Pasta making
  • Sweet lime and avocado tart
  • Sauces (can include béchamel, hollandaise, beurre Blanc)


Half day course – £100 / £110

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