When you’re 7 ⅛ the world can seem like a big place to explore, but one that you want to enjoy.

At Swinton Estate we’ve 20,000 acres of Parkland that can be explored – probably a bit too much for a 7 ⅛ year old – so we’ve come up with five things to do before you’re 7 ⅛ all which will entertain the young, and the old.

  • 1) Skim stones on a lake with your brother, or sister

    It’s a right of passage, being taught how to successfully skim stones across water. Noting how many bounces you can get from the stone before it descends deep into the water. And nothing is better than beating your brother or sister at the game! Go from 2 bounces to 4, to 6! Find a fast, flat edged, stone and get skimming. There’s plenty of lakes at Swinton Park to choose from – and each one can be reached by a short adventure walk.

  • 2) Puddle Jump Around a Temple

    Bad weather doesn’t have to stop play! When you’re 7 ⅛ getting wet is just another adventure. Don the wellies and step outside. Visit the Druid’s Temple – one of the most precious sights of the Swinton Estate - and feel the magic. Cast your own spells and enjoy jumping in the puddles, splashing around the Temple, to seal your fun charm.

  • 3) Build A Den with a Friend

    Pretend you’re a castaway, pretend you’re a spy. Pretend you’re in your very own home. Building a den can fuel the imagination and create hours of fun – not only from the building, but the playing in later! A place to call your own, one you’ve built with your friends, can be a source of adventurous tales and fun stories to act out and play.

  • 4) Hold an Owl

    A special treat indeed – whatever your age. Our Birds of Prey Centre can arrange fun learning experiences for you (and your family). Experience the personalities of our friendly owls, hawks and falcons. Hold your arm out steadily and admire the beauty and strength of an Owl as it comes to land on your hand.

  • 5) Play Pooh Sticks with your Teddy

    If it’s good enough for Christopher Robin and Pooh then we’re pretty sure that you and your Teddy will enjoy it too. Find a bridge on the estate and drop sticks over (make sure you don’t drop Ted!) race to the other side of the bridge and see which stick floats out first!

Whether you’re 7 ⅛ or 71 ⅛ there’s plenty of fun to be had at Swinton Park Estate. Don’t forget to let us know what your favourite activity is on the Estate when you come to visit!