Finding the right room for you

Are you spoilt for choice, or struggling to work out which bedroom best suits your requirements?

As a rule of thumb, the room categories that the bedrooms have been allocated is based, in most cases, on the size of the room. Size is not everything! There are many other attributes to a room that may be of more importance.

To help you with your selection we have pulled together a few selections based on some of the more popular features that guests look for in a room. We hope this helps!

What are you looking for?

  • Best for Views

    Harrogate, York & Wensleydale Suites. Ripon, Knaresborough, Masham & Bradford Bedrooms.

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  • Best for Bathrooms

    The Turret, Wensleydale and York Suites. Jervaux, Swaledale and Fountains Abbey Bedrooms.

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  • Best for Families

    Semerwater Family Suite. Richmond, York and The Turret Suites. Scarborough, Thorp Perrow and Aldborough Bedrooms.

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  • Best for Accessibility

    Constable Burton, Beverley, Haworth and Fountains Abbey Bedrooms.

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